Julie-Anne Grace is the ultimate modern woman. An inspiration to women the world over, she has helped those that have suffered the trauma of childhood and spousal abuse to become the women they always wanted to be. She provides the tools for her clients to get through to the other side both with her counselling service ‘Love is Always Kind’, and through the power of song. 

Recognising that she herself needed to overcome the cycle of abuse, and determined to heal herself, she travelled the world looking for the answers to give her that sense of strength to move on and become whole again. That process of rebirth really took hold on the island of Bali Indonesia, and through her inner awakening she has a developed an innate ability to empathise, relate and empower those around her. 

Always being a powerful and emotive singer, she has been blessed with the harmonies of the Welsh valleys as her vocals weave a magical spell on her latest album, ‘She Sings, She Soars’. She migrates comfortably between the worlds of a stripped back solo performer with the simple accompaniment of a piano, to a full band sound; all in the glorious traditions of Lounge Music. 

Her work is singularly blissful, intoxicating and inspirational, as she explores the whole canvas of emotions captured in her story. Contrasting troubling social issues with authentic and original melodies, Julie-Anne finds the sunshine in the darkness, the hope in the despair. 

Just as her music is the vehicle for transformation, so is the message that she instils in her clients through her brand ‘Love Is Always Kind’. A spiritually fulfilling life experience, Julie Anne has the ability to make people complete again, to find a true state of joy, and finally be free. 

Whether it be through music or as your spiritual and emotional guide, Julie-Anne Grace is the person that is truly making a difference to people’s lives. As her voice soars into the souls of her audiences, she will forever fill the Grace in their hearts and leave you with the feeling that love is always kind.