"With a voice that floats effortlessly above her luscious melodies, she has been the rock that so many women have found solace in. Whether it be a stripped back piano providing the wings to her voice or a full band driving her message home, Julie-Anne has the exquisite song writing skills to truly make a difference in people’s lives"   Huffington Post

I am here to let you know that there is love after pain and hope after despair.

Born in Wales, into a violent, abusive and religious cult-like environment, as a child I suffered the trauma and pain of emotional, physical and sexual abuse. 

Feeling scared and alone, singing became an like escape to me and I would often lock my bedroom or climb into my bedroom wardrobe and sing when I knew no-one was listening. 

Somehow even as a very young child I always had a strong feeling that there was more for me to do in the world and a strong sense of purpose, yet it took many years for me to understand what this meant and the journey I would need to go on for it to come to fruition.

Leaving home at just sixteen with very little support and no healthy role-models, I had always felt unloved and unvalued which left me trying to 'get' love from intimate relationships which in turn left me susceptible to abuse as an adult. 

It wasn't too long before I found myself leaving a narcissistically abusive marriage. I left my marriage in California and went to Bali, indonesia. 

I had lost everything – my home, work and family - and was brought to my knees.  My anxiety was off the charts, I was severely traumatized and could barely function.  I was having continual suicidal thoughts and had no idea how I would go on living.

Interested in personal development and healing from a young age, it was then that I realized that this time I needed to heal from the inside out.

I became willing to take radical responsibility to heal myself and start to feel all of the deeply painful feelings I had been avoiding.  I learned all about trauma and that it was actually stored up in my body.  I learned how to  release the trauma out of my body.  Along with this, I started to love the little girl inside me, listening to her, soothing her and taking care of her as though my life depended on it - because it did. indeed I gave myself the love I had never had.

The more she did this, the more my life began to transform as I developed boundaries, supportive friendships, bought my own home in Spain, and met a kind and loving partner.

I have always sung and performed and have trained as a Trauma Therapist. I knew I needed to write and perform songs about my experiences and healing journey to give hope and inspiration to others suffering abuse through the power of music.  I knew I needed to share my story and be an advocate for those suffering.

My first album 'Met by Grace', takes the listener on a journey from the darkness of abuse to the joy of loving yourself and being free. 

I wrote 'She Sings, She Soars' during the pandemic lockdown and is a celebration of the human spirit and how we can not only survive abuse, but can really live our dreams and create the lives with the love we truly deserve. 

I am now free and living the life I was born to live. I spend part of the year in a lovely home I share with my partner in Hampshire and part of the year in Torrox, Spain. 

Travel has always been a big part of my life.  I went on a four-year backpacking trip in my late twenties, visiting five continents, ninety-one countries and every state in the U.S.A.  I have lived in Bali and Thailand and spend ten years in California also gaining American citizenship.  I have volunteered in many parts of the world and just love to connect with the vast array of different people and cultures.

I believe with all my heart that anyone who has suffered the pain and trauma of abuse can be free, be truly themselves and have the love they were born for. 

"'She Sings, She Soars' is album of extraordinary beauty, it exudes empathy and a way forward for women to discover their inner spirit and love themselves again. It provides a sounding board to escape the trauma of the past, to evolve from their experiences to grow and live the life they were born for."  - Spiritual Destiny Magazine