Private Healing and Therapy 

Can be taken via phone or Zoom from anywhere in the world or in-person, depending on where you live. 

All sessions begin with a complimentary session with Julie-Anne in a safe, loving environment to determine your needs.  

Allow me to lovingly hold your hand and guide you back to your true self. You are likely in so much pain you may have no idea how you are going to heal. You don’t have to know how, you just need a spark of willingness to begin. 

With Coaching to help you understand what you have been through and guide you forward, along with healing inner processes including Breathwork to bypass the conscious mind to access and release trauma. 

I hold a safe space for you to go at your own pace and experience your own insights and healing, while providing my vast knowledge, expertise and experience both of my own healing and recovery, along with facilitating recovery for women around the world. 

While the themes of Narcissistic Abuse are often similar, I recognize that every woman is unique, therefore each healing journey will be fully customized to you as an individual. 

The journey starts with gaining clarity on what has happened and where you are now. From there, we work step by step to release the trauma and pain, hooks and pulls of narcissistic abuse, along with moving forward into your new life of freedom, while also recognizing that healing is not a linear process. 

The theme of sessions may vary and depend on where you are in your recovery. 

Here are just some of the things we can address: 

  • Becoming clear on what actually happened to you – having a voice 
  • Unravelling the confusion 
  • Understanding, navigating and breaking the cognitive dissonance and addiction to the narcissist 
  • Detaching and forming an exit plan 
  • Going and maintaining “no contact” or limited contact 
  • How to navigate co-parenting 
  • Meeting the traumatized “little girl” within with compassion, empathy and healing 
  • Releasing trauma out of the body to become free 
  • Healing and navigating the huge, complex and often conflicting feelings and emotions 
  • Healing the co-dependency that left you susceptible to abuse 
  • Forgiving yourself and life for what you’ve been through 
  • Recognizing the do-dependency is a direct match for narcissism 
  • Learning how to know, speak and keep boundaries 
  • Becoming a solid source of love and wholeness to yourself 
  • Discovering the huge gift and opportunity within narcissistic abuse 
  • Being and living your soul purpose 
  • Creating and generating your desires and dreams 

Take a deep breath Beautiful, feel my hand in yours.  You are so worthy of love and the goodness of life. 

You are not alone. You CAN be free.